The Constitution of Street and District Allotments Association

1 . Name:

Street and District Allotments Association– hereafter refered to as the Allotment Association.

2. Aims

To develop thriving, attractive and multifunctional allotment sites that benefit plotholders, their visitors, the local community and wildlife. Multifunctional in the sense that the be all and end all of an allotment is not just the production of vegetable for eating but also for its recreational and leisure aspects.

3. Objectives

The Society will operate as a non-profit making organisation to further the following objectives:

  1. To manage the sites and seek ongoing improvements in standards and facilities.

  2. To seek and administer funding in support of the Society’s aims.

  3. To conduct negotiations with our landlords on all matters relating to the sites.

  4. To provide information to its members about current issues and matters of concern.

  5. To liaise with local residents, other gardening associations, environmental organisations and community groups in support of the Society’s aims

3. Membership

Membership of the Society shall consist of the existing members who are paid-up allotment holders.

Applications for an allotment will be considered by the Committee in a fair and transparent process.

New membership will be open:-

a) To all persons over the age of 18, who having made an application for an allotment, have been approved by the management committee and granted a tenancy. Where the tenancy is held in joint names or by a community group, membership may be in joint names and will entitle one vote in any Society ballot. Plot-holders under the age of 18 may be admitted as junior members free of charge.

b) Anyone interested in supporting the sites but who are not plot-holders have the right to join as Associate Members. Associate Members shall not have the right to vote at Members meetings.

4. Termination of Membership

Members agree to be bound by the Allotment Associations rules and tenancy agreement. The General Committee shall have the right, for good and sufficient reason which includes non payment of any subscription, to terminate the membership and tenancy and exclude from meetings that individual member, provided that the individual member shall have the right to be heard by the Committee before a decision is made.

5. Subscriptions

All individual members shall pay such subscriptions as the members may determine at an Annual General Meeting (A.G.M.).

6. Society Committee

The Society will have a Committee drawn from membership of the Society and elected by the members at each A.GM. The Committee may determine the powers and terms of reference of any Sub Committee and duration of its activities.

The policy and general management of the affairs of the Society shall be conducted by a Committee, which shall be responsible to the Annual General Meeting of the Society.

All Society members are eligible to be nominated for the Committee. Individuals interested in serving on the committee will need to be nominated by two existing society members.

The officers of the Committee will be a Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer plus as many additional committee members, to represent the membership as a whole, as the members decide at each A.G.M. The whole committee will stand down at each A.G.M. but can seek re-election at the same meeting.

The Committee may co-opt further members, who shall not exceed one third of the total membership of the committee as defined above.

If vacancies occur among its members, the Committee shall have the power to fill these until the next A.G.M. from amongst the members of the Society.

The Committee will meet at least 4 times a year. A written record of the meeting will be made. A quorum at a committee meeting shall be 4, including at least two officers of the Committee. The committee will have full powers to supervise and manage the day to day work of the Society. All minutes of meetings will be posted on the website

There shall be appointed an Auditor, or other person, who is not a member of the Committee, to independently examine the accounts and submit a Report to the Annual General Meeting.

7. Annual General Meetings (A.G.M.)

An A.G.M. shall be held each year. At least 14 days' notice shall be given of the A.G.M. and at which the audited/independently examined accounts, Chairperson’s and Secretary's report shall be presented, any proposals to amend the Constitution received and a Committee elected for the ensuing year. An Extraordinary General Meeting (E.G.M.) may be held at such times as the Committee may determine. 10 members shall form a quorum, for the AGM and in the case of equal voting the Chairperson shall have a casting vote. Voting shall be on the basis of one vote per allotment holder, irrespective of the number of plots cultivated

8. Finance

The Society’s Committee has the power to determine how monies raised by or on behalf of the Society shall be applied to further the objects of the Society and for no other purpose.

The Treasurer shall keep proper account of the finances of the Society and shall open a bank account in the name of the Society.

The accounts shall be audited or independently examined at least once a year by a person independent of the Committee and appointed by the Annual General Meeting.

9. Dissolution

If the Committee, by a simple majority, decides at any time on the ground of expense or otherwise it is necessary or advisable to dissolve the Society it shall, giving at least 14 days notice, call an Extraordinary General meeting of all members of the Society. If such a resolution shall be confirmed by a simple majority of those present at such meeting the Committee shall have the power to dispose of any assets held by or in the name of the Society. Any assets remaining after meeting of any proper debts and liabilities shall be donated to a charity for the benefit of the local community.

10. Alterations to the constitution

Changes to the Constitution may be proposed by any members. Any amendments to the Constitution may be approved by a simply majority at either an A.G.M. or E.G.M.